Dharamsala Dispatch #3

Techung – Songs of Freedom

DD3During my short stay in Dharamsala so far I have had the privilege of meeting many remarkable members of the Tibetan community, as well as Tibet supporters from around the world.

They are often involved in cultural preservation projects, and their lives and careers are emblematic of entire generations’ efforts, dreams and hopes. In the case of Tibetan music, few artists have managed to embody past, present, and future as well as Techung. His career reflects the need to preserve the rich Tibetan tradition, the urge to carry on the freedom struggle and the desire to allow Tibetan music to evolve and fuse with other world music currents.

I have had the pleasure of meeting Techung during his visit in Dharamsala, as well as the privilege of collaborating on a music video for his famous Snow Lion of Peace song. He generously agreed to do a short interview about his efforts to help young Tibetans preserve Tibetan music, while at the same time allowing new musical forms of expression to blossom.

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